Bhopal Incubation Center (B-Nest)


“To promote entrepreneurial spirit youth, researchers, engineers and society at large by promoting cutting-edge information technology start-ups which will lead to economic a social development of county


Bhopal Living Lab

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For the development of Bhopal as a smart city Government of India has setup the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) at NITI Aayog. AIM proposes to support establishment of Atal Incubation Centre(AICs) that would support innovators and start-up businesses in their pursuit to become successful entrepreneurs.

The objective of the scheme is to promote and establish incubation centres in India which would support and encourage start-ups in specific sectors such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water, sanitation, etc.  

Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited is a State Government Company with a mandate to support Smart City initiatives in the state of Madhya Pradesh. While doing do, a need has been identified to encourage start-ups with the innovative ideas to create an innovation ecosystem.

Given this context, the need of such start-ups that work on advanced technologies (IOT, Sensor, Drone) are very different. They need an open area and equipment to test their product. Such an environment is not usually not available.

To solve this problem, BSCDCL has decided to establish a living lab that functions as an incubator to transform latest research into start-ups.

Bhopal Living lab is designed to support and contribute to the initiative for technology-related start-ups.

The clear objectives are:

  • To identify and encourage startup-ups.
  • To create a safe environment for start-up and helping them through the process of “Ideation to Monetization”.
  • Incubator to transform from concept to product.

"The center would be set up in 10,000sq.ft. an ultra modern building at Bhopal"



  • To identify & support potential cutting edge information technology entrepreneurs with a viable business plan.
  • To provide technical assistance in the development of processes, technologies and products along with managed workspace.
  • To connect researchers and entrepreneurs to commercialise innovations.
  • To increase economic and social growth of the region as well as the country.