Bhopal is a lighthouse city with a difference. It’s the only city that envisions REDEVELOPMENT driven urban overhaul by unlocking the value of sub-optimally utilized land parcels. The area-based development of north and south TT Nagar is designed to unlock the value of underutilized Government land in heart of the city.

It will radically transform the area into an eco-friendly and sustainable urban habitat. It incorporates all smart city features within the new urban landscape of 350 acres, ensuring the relationship of people to place and buildings to space. The area is strategically located between two primary transport axis (BRTS and Metro) and embodies transit-oriented development principle (TOD) to provide a compact, walkable and sustainable spatial morphology. This will lead to a ripple effect in catalyzing the future economic and social development of Bhopal.

The 15 million square feet of new mix-use urban space at the CBD, which hitherto was reserved only for the government housing brings in huge investment opportunities in the following sectors ---

  • Housing
  • Education & Skill
  • Health & Sports
  • IT and Clean Technology
  • Commercial & Office spaces
  • Affordable housing
  • Administrative & recreational space
  • Public Services
  • Clusters & Startups
  • Incubation & Innovation


The Area Based Development is duly supported by state of the art infrastructure that includes - 

  • Parking – Optimal underground provision considering future projections.
  • Water Supply – Dual piping, Drinking water from any tap.
  • Sewage Treatment Facility – Water Recycle.
  • Solid Waste – Suction based Automated Evacuation of waste.
  • Power – Underground Compact Substations, 24 X 7, Smart grid, Min. 10% power from Renewable Energy, 100% power back-up.
  • District Cooling – Centralized cooling and heating system for commercial and retail spaces.
  • Domestic Gas – Well distributed network.
  • ICT – Digitally Connected City, IoT Infrastructure, Plug and Play.
  • Utility Tunnel – Entire Utility & Service Supply System in the underground trenches.
  • Green Township/ Neighborhood – 80% buildings in the ABD area shall be green rated.
  • Accessibility – All mobility and connectivity infrastructure shall address accessibility by all.
  • Signage – Way finder and Impact signage as required.


The entire development process will not only unlock the value of land but will also provide opportunities for investment to the developers, contractors and also the PPP players. Destiny is calling at Bhopal.