Green / Blue Master Plan

Green / Blue Master Plan 


Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) towards its motive of making Bhopal a smart city has introduced a green and blue master plan that would work in the favor of preserving the lakes and environment of the city. The existence of multiple lakes in Bhopal, makes it more conspicuous, in the plethora of cities. As for the green environment this city has one of the largest channel of green cover and has been voted as the third greenest city in Asia.

BSCDCL has initiated a process of making a green and blue master plan, with an objective to grow the green cover, which will have a positive impact on the lifestyle of the citizens of Bhopal. The endeavor is to make the city of Bhopal the most environmentally sustainable city of the country. Bhopal will be a model city having an integrated green and blue master plan which will take care of ‘green cover’ and ‘water bodies’ within the city and the surroundings. This initiative of BSCDCL not only improves the living standard of the citizens but also develops a sustainable smart growth approach for the city. Overall it will make Bhopal as a most livable city, with green and blue natural heritage.

During this process, various scenarios will be analyzed leading to the identification of gaps which would be addressed through technical interventions. This will assist in developing low carbon climate resilient green sceneries. As a consequence of the entire exercise, BSCDCL will be in a position to bring out policy and recommendations which will facilitate the preparation of the active plans of development.

Green & blue master plan also has an objective to turn all the buildings of Bhopal as green by 2050.