Integrated Control and Command Center

The Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration and Development Department (MPUADD) has envisaged to establish Common Cloud based Data Centre for Smart Cities (CCDCSC) and Integrated City Command And Control centre (ICCC) for each city to run city operations for 7 cities. This will be used for making cities smarter in terms of managing operations of the smart components deployed across the cities.

CCDCSC will be a common platform where all the information from various sources like city operation centres and application will be stored. All the information collected here will be analysed for better planning of the smart cities.

Each ICCC for the smart cities will have 70 technical and non technical support teams along with dedicated operators and helpdesk for cities to manage operations of the city command centre and integration with CCDCSC.

Primary Objective

Primary objective of the establishing a cloud based state level integrated data centre, disaster recovery centre and integrated command and control centre for all the seven smart cities to provide better services to citizens with a view to improve the quality of life.The objective of establishing CCDCSC and ICCC is to implement holistic and integrated solution for multiple (existing and future) IT initiative for smart cities in MP.

Command Centre application shall be the ‘heart’ of Madhya Pradesh that would assist in enhancing efficiencies of city operation and management of all smart cities. It would provide a holistic view of all city operations allowing monitoring, control and automation of various functionalities at an individual system level along with enabling cross-system analytics



The ICCC works on following key principles-

  1. Integrates data analysis and coordination across city systems and multiple agencies.
  2. Transforms city operation from reactive to proactive.
  3. Becomes integration hub for domain systems, utilities, transportation, public safety.
  4. Most importantly early intervention - the maximum benefit is derived from process integration and information sharing across agencies.

The services that ICCC can deliver are –

  1. A common platform for all smart cities of state.
  2. Integrate SmartCity applications, Data Analytics & Resources.
  3. Each city to have its own ICCC base out of the city.
  4. “Single Source of truth” for city’s civic functions.
  5. Act as city’s emergency and disaster management platform.
  6. Centralized monitoring of the health of key city function & to take coordinated actions.
  7. Efficient utilization and life cycle management of city assets and resources.
  8. Analytics evolving the city to predict and prevent issues that could affect the quality of life.
  9. Cost optimization and minimizing revenue leakage.