New Age Solar Energy

Working towards the aim of smart city requires installations of many new technologies and products. Usage of solar energy is one of them, Bhopal smart city proposal envisages 10% of its energy requirement to be fulfilled with solar energy.

To start with the project of solar energy , A 4 MegaWatt (MW) solar rooftop energy project has been approved by Government of India. Two MOU's have been signed with SECI & UVNL of 3 MW & 1 MW respectively for the same.

This can be the most important energy resource that the city might be needing as the other energy resources are being affected because of the over usage. Bhopal Municipal Corporation has been appointed as implementing agency. The commissioning of the same will start the new age of solar energy in Bhopal.

Further, Bhopal has been approved as a solar city under solar city mission and Municipal Corporation is coming up with its new bylaws to extend the benefits of net metering to the citizens of Bhopal.