Intelligent Street Lights

With the expansion of population in the city it has become necessary to increase the security and street lights on the roads so that people can have full time access to the roads near them. For the same reason Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation limited has partnered with the consortium of industry giants like Bharti-Infratel, Ericsson, SmartX and HPL to provide multiple benefits to the citizens of Bhopal through one smart intervention, which includes  Smart Poles, Smart LED Lights, Wi-Fi services, Optical Fibre Network, Surveillance Camera, EV Charging, Environmental Sensors, Mobile Application and SOS, along with Digital advertisement  Panel Billboard and Centralized Control and Command Centre.

This would provide government officials 24 hour access to the roads which would help them in monitoring the city and providing facilities and in different areas of the city. The Command and Control Centre aided by the Smart Pole network can monitor and enable smooth traffic on a daily basis and timely deployment of essential services in case of emergencies, natural calamities, fires or accidents.