Intelligent Transport Management system


As part of smart city initiatives Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL)has taken up project for Smart traffic management – Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) which provide greater information to the authorities to proactively manage the ongoing traffic situation, enhance traffic discipline through effective enforcements and increase road safety by preventing accidents and allow citizens to make informed travel choices. With ITMS, the overall burden of traffic on the roads will reduce, and will result in enhanced reliability for the citizens and local businesses improving overall productivity levels.

The ITMS services will include strengthening of four key areas of traffic management &road safety within the city:

  1. Develop a sense of order on the roads by efficiently prosecution of traffic violators and traffic law enforcement
  2. Enhance Situational Awareness of existing traffic conditions on real time basis
  3. Develop ability to assimilate and Analyze Real Time Traffic Information and historic trends to support decision making on traffic management strategies
  4. Create linkages to support Information sharing through traffic controllers, Variable Message Signs, Public Address (PA) systems etc.
  5. Ensure long term Capacity Building through training and support for traffic police staff

The following technology solutions are proposed to be procured through this tender as per the requirements set out in Annexures of this RFP:

  1. Speed Violation Detection (SVD) System
  2. Variable Message Sign boards
  3. Public Address (PA) System
  4. E Challan System


  • Ganesh Mandir
  • Roshanpura
  • Khanugaon
  • VIP
  • Link Road 1
  • Link Road 3


  • Board Office
  • Piplani
  • BHEL
  • Link Road 2
  • Baghsevaniya Thana
  • District Court Square
  • Depot Junction
  • Banganga
  • Govindpura

Key Components of systems:-

  • ANPR systems
  • Red Light Violation Detection System
  • Speed Violation Detection System
  • P A System
  • E- Challan System
  • Establish dash board at Smart city command Center and control room along with TMC


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