Heritage Conservation - A Key To The Smart City

Throughout history, we have seen the importance of heritage sites and historical monuments. we have been learning about them in the history for decades. The question is why this blog is talking about those. It is important as our heritage sites and historical monuments need your attention in detail and are seeking conservation for many reasons. The usual strategy for the intervention in any city has been to change or rebuild the different methods of urban improvement. Today, the question is of preserving our old heritage which has become the key.
Preserving the historic core is the main idea behind starting heritage conservation smart city project in various cities if India. It is an idea that acknowledges the value of heritage and attempts to protect the authenticity of an old place. Nevertheless, the movement and pattern of urbanisation and modernisation neglect this idea and proposes a standard approach to ‘development’ that decays the existing framework, character and experience of a heritage place.

How it is operative/functional

This strategy of keeping our heritage alive is a great initiative at the social, cultural and economic level. This is one of the most widespread schemes launched by the Government of India – 'Smart City', and is a major driver for huge-scale infrastructure development in around ninety cities across the country. This blog is about Bhopal Smart City Mission for Bhopal Heritage Conservation.

Under this, the heritage monuments in the old city of Bhopal will be preserved. The statement outlines: ‘The objective of the Smart Cities Mission is to accelerate financial growth and enhance the quality of life of people by empowering local area construction and establishing technology, especially technology that manages to drive Smart outcomes. Area-based development in Bhopal old city will enhance existing areas (retrofit and redevelop), this will also include slums, into better- planned ones, and monuments like - Tajul Masjid, Peer Gate, Sadar Manzil and many more. It will certainly improve the liveability of the whole City. Some greenfield areas will also be developed around the city and near the old heritage monuments to accommodate the increasing population in urban areas.

Bhopal Heritage Conversation

Bhopal is a city of lakes and its heritage is decades-long. It endows around 114 heritage sites and some of the stunning and gorgeous places around them. Sadar Manzil is one of the most popular among the lot. It is a famous historical architecture in Bhopal which is renowned for its combination of Asian and Western styles of architecture. Under this project, it is renovated and will become a famous tourist spot. Sadar Manzil will now be a dwelling for a gallery, exhibition area, museum, etc.

The municipal office now with the plans for restoration is willing to revive the original grandeur and pride of this building. The application of Smart Solutions will help the city and its culture to be intact, thereby making the city clean, neat, green, and tourist-friendly as well. Other than this it will also enable the city to use enhanced technology, information and data to upgrade infrastructure and services.

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