Multi -Level Smart Parking Solutions for Bhopal Smart City

As India is becoming more technologically forward, the cities need a major drift from the existing parking systems to advanced ones. BHOPAL SMART CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED is continuously working to create and improve smart city throughout the Bhopal region. the board of members and team members have come up with smart city parking lots which will use information and communication technologies (ICT) and will increase the use of supplies and to reduce emissions. Technologies being tracked to improve the city of the future into a smarter transport system.

With the expansion of this facility, people of Bhopal will get an innovated and revolutionized parking lots in various places in the city. Under this smart city project, there will be available parking lots that will be highly efficient and payment can be done via mobile application or online mode of payment. This is an ambitious move and a smart city innovation that could offer probable solutions under Bhopal Municipal corporation with the flagship Bhopal smart city projects.

Smart Parking Lots – Execution

Bhopal, as mentioned above is on the expansion of a large basis to maintain the proper systems in place for the entire population of the city. in this current scenario where the population is increasing day by day, the traffic needs more controlled systems which are organized in a better way. If not done in the right way there can be a huge impact on traffic clogging and messy and congested roads.

Bhopal smart city in its plans has some resolutions for this problem of traffic. Parking space will be distributed in the places where there is a haste of vehicles. In the complete project, many places in Bhopal will turn into smart parking zones. some of them are New Market, City market, Bittan Market, etc. These parking spaces would include many highlights like Parking violation detection, availability of parking space through booking on the web portal, smart meters, etc.

In this plan it would build an impact on the people with integrated smart parking solutions which enables quick, more immediate accessibility with single space discovery, parking guidance on real-time and allow visitors to reserve the parking slot. This would also give a smart solution which would decrease the travel time, search time, carbon emission, traffic gridlock in the city. Besides, it will also boost traffic flow within the parking lot with adequate design and creating.

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