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Integrated Control and Command Centre ICCC


Government of Madhya Pradesh has embarked on an ambitious journey of developing various cities of the state as Smart Cities. This initiative includes 07 cities identified as part of the Smart City Mission of Government of India and state identified cities over and above these 07 cities. The 07 cities selected/planned to be selected as part of Smart City Mission are as follows.

  • Already Selected – Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ujjain and Gwalior
  • Planned – Sagar and Satna

Through this project, BSCDCL intends to design, develop, implement, operate and maintain: 

  • Common Cloud based Control and Command Application.
  • A Cloud based Data Centre for all 07 smart cities of the state
  • A Cloud based Disaster Recovery Centre for all 07 smart cities of the state
  • The Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC) at each of the 07 cities with city based
  • Controls and Analytics.

The scope may be expanded to include more cities by the state in future or during the project period.

What is CCDCSC?

CCDCSC will be a common platform where all the information from various sources like city operation centers and applications will be stored. All the information collected here, will be analyzed for better planning of the smart cities using integrated analytical layer / BI engine. These insights / trends will be helpful in managing incidents across the state and individual city and do a better planning for the development and delivery of smart city projects.

CCDCSC will be cloud based Data Center based out of any location within India. CCDCSC will be connected with various city level ICCCs and various applications of the city from where feeds are to be received (except video feeds). It will host common command center application platform for all 7 cities. It will also host other common applications like integrated analytical layer / BI engine. Eventually all the smart components / applications deployed in the cities will be integrated with the common platform layer for managing smart city operations.

Mission and Vision:

The Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration and Development Department (MPUADD) has envisaged to establish Common Cloud based Data Centre for Smart Cities (CCDCSC) and Integrated City Command and Control Centre (ICCC) for each city to run city operations for 7 cities. This will be used for making cities smarter in terms of managing operations of the smart components deployed across the cities. This will finally benefit citizens of smart cities within the state of Madhya Pradesh using ICT as backbone and seamless integration with all the required & existing ICT systems / Smart components. The common CCDCSC is planned considering the optimal usage of resources of all the 7 cities.


State envisions the planned CCDCSC and ICCC to fulfil following objectives:

  • Single source of truth‖ for the city‘s civic functions
  • Platform with the ability to receive, intelligently correlate & share information to better predict outcomes
  • Act as City‘s emergency and disaster management platform
  • Ability to integrate multiple text, voice, data, video and smart sensors communication interfaces
  • Ability to integrate and correlate online and offline interactions
  • Capabilities to support GIS based incidents visualization
  • Future proof - based on Modular, Open, Configurable architecture with capabilities to integrate innovative new applications
  • Intelligent and Intuitive work-flow management
  • Advanced historical records management and archiving capabilities
  • Advanced industrial grade cyber security features

Integration of various IT systems of different stakeholders with the objective of enhancing safety, security and providing better public services in the cities will help in following:

  1. To provide assistance to citizen at the time of emergencies
  2. To provide facilities of Ambulance, Police Van, Fire Brigade to the citizens
  3. To effectively manage Traffic and Roads and support police to maintain Law and Order
  4. Disaster Management
  5. Environmental Control/ Pollution Control
  6. Efficient user of public resources like electricity and water
  7. Efficient and timely delivery of public services
  8. Better health and education services

Future Work:

There are a number of functions and systems that shall be managed out of the Command Center Application. Depending on the type of systems and functions, they shall be monitored and/or Controlled from the Command Center Application, and will have the option of sharing a feed to another agency as required via the platform. This shall integrate all the City Systems procured under the Smart City Mission, which include systems procured through this project and system which are/will be procured as other projects. In addition to systems identified in this RFP, the Command Center Application shall seamlessly integrate the following system being procured separately by each city:

  • E-Governance & City ERP
  • DIAL 100
  • DIAL 108
  • Traffic Management System
  • Safe City Cameras Feed
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Management
  • Met Department
  • Smart Parking
  • Public Bike Sharing
  • Smart Pole
  • Smart Lighting
  • Solid Waste Management Services
  • Intelligent Transport Management System
  • Municipal Corporations Call Centre
  • Municipal Corporations Services Portal
  • City GIS Platform
  • City Application
  • Water Management System
  • Crowdsourcing Data
  • Fire Brigade Control System
  • Solar Roof Top
  • ABD area Utilities
  • ABD area Lighting
  • ABD area Metering
  • ABD area Surveillance
  • ABD area building management systems.