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Adaptive reuse and Heritage conservation of Sadar Manzil


Bhopal is a city of lakes and heritage with 114 heritage sites and some beautiful places around them. Sadar Manzil, one of the famous historical architectures in Bhopal which has been known for its combination of Asian and Western styles of architecture is now being renovated and will become a spot of tourism. Sadar Manzil will now be house for a gallery, performance area, museum, etc. Municipal office now with the plans for renovation is willing to restore the original glory and pride of this building.

Sadar Manzil with its area for museum will now share a lot of history with its visitors. Performance area in the building now will be hosting many remarkable performances and will also provide stage to the budding artists of the city.

Along with these gallery and performance areas, Sadar Manzil will also be containing restrooms and cafeterias for its visitors. People will be able enjoy some exotic dishes for which this city is known.


  • The plan is to make Sadar Manzil a well preserved Public Plaza.
  • This place will become a cultural bridge between people of old and new Bhopal.
  • Help in tourism promotion.
  • Execute light & sound shows.
  • Public town hall activities.
  • Ideal place for initiating public events.
  • Commercial center while preserving the heritage of the structure.
  • Exhibition gallery.