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Automated Fare Collection and Surveillance Solution


Summary of Smart Road Project with Silent Features

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) and Surveillance Solution for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for Bhopal City Bus Services and Bus terminals. The Automated Fare Collection and Surveillance System for buses and bus stop is a part of Intelligent Transport System. The components of same are mentioned below:


  • Automated fare collection & Revenue Management System: All the revenue generated from the Automatic Ticket vending Machines (ATVM) & point of sale will be collected and managed through Revenue Management System.
  • Point Of Sale: 14 Point of Sales counter is established in different parts of cities for issuance of Smart Pass for commuters of Bhopal.
  • Electronic Ticketing Vending Machine (ETVM): Electronic ticketing is issued in all buses through ETVM’s.
  • Off-Board Fare Collection Solution for BRTS buses: Consisting of Automated fare gates (AFG) and Automatic Ticket vending Machines (ATVM) terminals in the bus stops.
  • On-Board Fare Collection Solution for Feeder buses: Consisting of Bus Validator (BV) and Electronic ticket vending machine (ETVM) on the buses.
  • Video Surveillance Solution for all buses: On-board video recording with 2 no. CCTV camera and syncing the stream over Wi-Fi whenever the bus is in the bus terminal.
  • Management Information System (MIS): System to Record, archive and generate reports from the ITS being provided.
  • Integration with existing Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS): The system is integrated with existing AVLS system, PIS and PAS system installed in the bus, by interfacing with it to obtain GPS location.

ATVM machine capable of issuing smart cards, manage Top Up / recharge / balance on the cards.

Revenue Collection: On a daily basis the system generates reports showing revenue accumulated in each ATVM. Revenue management system managed the amount.ss

Benefits for the Commuter

  • Access to world class transportation system.
  • Real Time Check – Web and Mobile App.
  • Enabling ease of Transit.
  • Possibilities of Last mile Connectivity.
  • Avoid Bunching.
  • Control Over Speeding.
  • No Route Violation.
  • Call Center Support.

Benefits for the Administration

  • Paperless Ticketing – environmental friendly.
  • Minimize losses on pilferage due to non-ticketing.
  • Reduce expenditure on ticket printing.
  • Complete visibility on revenue generation in real time.
  • Enforce discipline in bus staff.
  • Improved safety and security for women.
  • Infrastructure buildup towards complete ITS solution.
  • Integration with other modes.