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Bhopal Smart Parking


Bhopal is expanding on a large basis in the current scenario and the reason for it is the increasing population in the city. Where there is population there comes traffic and increase in population results in increased traffic, Bhopal smart city in its plans has some solutions for this problem of traffic. Parking space will be allotted in the places where there is a lot of rush, these places include New Market, City market, Bittan Market, etc. These parking spaces would involve many features like Parking violation detection, availability of parking space through booking on web portal, smart meters, etc.

In complete this project would create an impact on the people with integrated smart parking solutions which enables quick, faster accessibility with single space detection, parking guidance on real-time and allow guests to reserve the parking slot.

The project development is mainly focused along two major existing roads and a proposed 45 m Boulevard Street. The Boulevard Street will connect the two proposed commercial nodes at the metro stations. With an approx. investment of 2,500 crores the ABD area has been envisaged to develop with state of the art infrastructure with all the smart features and green technology as per the smart city guidelines. These infrastructures will include 24X7 water supply and power, underground utility corridor, ICT infrastructure, smart street lighting, automated solid waste system, to name a few. 80 % of the buildings in the area will be green rated. An integrated command and control centre will monitor and manage the ABD area as well as entire city

This would also provide smart solution which would reduce the travel time, carbon emission, search time, traffic congestion in the city. In addition, it also improves traffic flow within the parking lot with efficient design and creating.


  • Locating a parking space with clear and simple direction and variable message reduces traffic congestion.
  • Quick entry and exit to the parking lots (on street, off street and multi – level parking) with lesser transactional time.
  • Availability of parking slot on real-time with the help of web portal / parking App.
  • Parking violation detection on real time basis.
  • Guide citizens in directing to the available parking slot and making optimal usage of parking space.
  • Real time update of entry & exit of vehicle thus improves occupancy levels.
  • Increases revenue by efficient systems and reduces pilferage.
  • Real time info, Smart meters, ease of payment improve parking operations.
  • Clear, simple directions & ease in parking reduces road accidents (effective design and signage for ease of parking, reducing chances of accidents).
  • Delights users by saving time, effort & cost.
  • Less parking search time reduces carbon emission and controls pollution.
  • Flexibility of tariff fixation based on the demand (Peak, non-peak, special events etc).
  • Identification of parking violations, over stayed events and suspicious parking.
  • Availability of real time data for analysis and Business Intelligence which help in understanding consumer behavior, parking demand and supply etc.