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Bhopal Plus APP

  • Bhopal Plus went live on 7-Nov-2016
  • There are about 20 citizen centric services available on Bhopal Plus platform
  • 15000+ downloads via Google Play Store & Apple Store
  • App. 1,000,000+ INR of taxes (Property & Water) are processed every month via Bhopal Plus
  • Rated 4.3/5 on Google Play Store
  • Bhopal Plus was the finalist solution for Microsoft City Next Award
  • Bhopal Plus has become the most awarded application for cities within India and recently won the National award for 'Excellence in Smart Cities'

The main components of Bhopal Plus are-

  • Collaboration Platform- Platform for interaction between government and citizens through discussion, polls, blogs, etc.
  • Public Dashboard- Live city feeds
  • Citizen Services- Various online citizen services (B2C &G2C)
  • Grievance Redressal- Register/track BMC related complaints

Current Services available:

  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • BMC services (Property tax payment, water tax payment, apply for birth/death/marriage certificate)
  • Mayor Express (Smart handyman service)
  • Bus Route Planner
  • Around Me
  • Search hospitals & clinics
  • Call administration
  • Vehicle search
  • Towed vehicle search
  • Report lost article
  • Emergency SOS service
  • Report an incident
  • Outdoor Media Management

Bhopal Plus Stats:

  • Bhopal Plus was launched on November 2016
  • The project implementation agency is PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited)
  • The total cost of this project is INR 3.98 Crores which includes the development of the application, integration with external application and maintenance of the application for three years
  • There is a dedicated 24x7 toll free helpdesk to seek information related to Bhopal Plus or to register any kind of issue related to the application