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Government Housing Phase I


About the Project

The ABD area is predominantly occupied by approx. 3100 F, G, H & I type govt. houses, which are in dilapidated condition and needs to be vacated to clear the project site for further development. The 342 acre of ABD land was transferred to BSCDCL by State Government, with the condition that similar no. of government houses shall be constructed. Fulfilling this condition BSCDCL has awarded projects for construction of 2828 F, G, H, & I type govt. houses in three phases within ABD project area. These houses have higher carpet area and shall be inclusive of all the smart city infrastructure features. These govt. housing units would help coping the shortage of houses for state government employees. In the first phase of the project 700 F & G type units is being constructed.

Project Brief

The Total Plot area of the project is 25642.89 sq. m with FAR of 2.5 and maximum permissible height of 45m. The total built up area of the project is 113390 sq. m. The total cost of the Project is Rs. 186.86 Cr. The detail of the project is as follows:

ABD Plot No. Unit Type Nos Details Carpet Area (Sq. mts) Towers Floors Equivalent Car Space (ECS) (2 Basements & Open Parking)
22 & 23 F 336 3 BHK 105 3 14 700
G 364 2 BHK 78 3 13

Salient Features of the Project

  • The Building area oriented towards the Central Green Courtyard, which has Children play area, Park for senior citizen with seating, Jogging Track, Green lawns with walkway all around, Ample tree shade.
  • Green strip with local vegetations shall run along the periphery.
  • The safety and security are addressed in the campus by providing security cabins at the entry /exit along with CCTV cameras. Surveillance is also provided at each lobby at upper ground and lower ground level. The central surveillance room in both the plots is part of the campus design.
  • Video door phones will be installed at each household which enables the person indoors to identify the visitor at the plot entrance.
  • For security CCTV is provided in surveillance room at main gate entrances, Lower ground floor & Upper ground floor. Over all there will be around 50 cameras installed at various strategic locations.
  • RFID card-based entry system will be available at all the entry points in the plots.
  • Inside the campus, green strip and road runs along the periphery of the two plots. These streets shall be defined by unique pavement designs and blocking.
  • Fire pumps are provided in the basement/LG level of building (working & standby) as per norms and fire sprinklers will be provided at each household in the F type tower.
  • Store room and staff toilets are provided at upper ground floor for drivers, watchmen, maintenance persons etc.
  • As per the norms of the Smart City Mission the building will be a green rated with provision of solar panels on roof tops. The project has already been registered with IGBC.