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Smart Road Network with Utility Tunnels


About the Project

A total 17 km of Road Network has been proposed within the ABD Project area. Proposed road network has been classified into categories such as arterials, sub-arterials, Distributor / collectors Roads, Local / Access Roads, and NMT routes with respect to proposed right of way for roads. The Road width of 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m and 45 m ROW are developed based on ABD layout and engineering requirements. The 45m, 30m 24m, & 18m wide road has utility duct running on both sides. These utility ducts shall be utilized to lay all the services underground pertaining to Water Supply including recycled water supply, Automated Waste Collection System, Power Supply & ICT.

The roads have been divided into motor Vehicle lane, Cycle lane and pedestrian lane. The road has Walking & Cycling streets on both sides to enhance retails & commercial activity around the area. Tree trenches along the road shall provide a lush green buffer between the roads and other adjoining activities. Apart from this intelligent Traffic Systems prioritizing pedestrian movement, public amenities like drinking water, ATM, Bus Stops, Cycle Stations and sitting and interactive spaces along the road are strategically located. The total cost of the entire road network is RS. 191.77 Cr.

45 M Wide Boulevard Street: The project development is mainly focused along two major existing roads and a proposed 45 m Boulevard Street. The Boulevard Street will connect the two proposed commercial nodes: Platinum Plaza & Jawahar Chowk, which are also proposed as metro stations, and will extend till Kasturba School in the North TT Nagar.