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Modular Rainwater Harvesting System


About the Project

Rain Water Harvesting system based on modern technology has been proposed because of its multiple advantages over the conventional type. Some of the advantages are – Flexible Design, Easy to clean, Faster Installation and Relocation, Longer Life, Better Water Quality, Accident Free Honey Comb Structure, Load bearing structure hence provides Reusable Upper Surface, High Void Ratio and Water Storage Facility. As per the smart city guidelines the buildings under the smart cities must be energy efficient and sustainable and elements such as Rain Water Harvesting must be part of the development. Apart from this, the Environment Clearance given for Area Based Development has also mandated the provision of Rain Water Harvesting in all the upcoming projects. The size of RWH pits 50 cum, 100cum & 200 cum depending upon the catchment area of the selected location.

Project Brief

Currently 12 locations have been identified to install these harvesting systems. The system shall be installed at the outflow points along the peripheral storm water drainage system within the plots and shall collect all the rooftop water as well as water in the open area. Similarly, installation shall be made along the outflow of various roads, collecting rain water from storm water drainages. The total cost of the Project is Rs. 8.79 Cr.