Public Bike Sharing – an excellent initiative under Bhopal smart city

Public Bike Sharing – an excellent initiative under Bhopal smart city

The conceptualisation of Smart City has been started with a thought to make the cities of India well-structured and economically strong in all the aspect where the citizens of the cities have efficient access for the facilities and other utilities at their easy access. This has been executed in many forms wherein people can use the mobile application for a lot of applications. This varies from city to city to city as every city’s level of development is different. It also depends on the willingness to change and reform, and the resources and aspirations of the city residents. The smart city has a different connotation in India as our country is different in a lot of terms.

Why the smart city concept?

This is to offer excellent opportunities and the aspirations and needs of the citizens, for the urban planners that usually aim at developing the entire urban eco-system. This is represented by the four pillars of comprehensive development-institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure. The smart city concept can be a long-term mission and a goal for cities that work towards developing such comprehensive infrastructure incrementally, adding on layers of ‘smartness’.

Public sharing bike system

Talking about Bhopal smart city again this article has a special focus and mention of Bhopal smart city features with highlights on the public sharing bike feature that is to be availed by the citizens of Bhopal. This concept of a public bicycle sharing program is efficiently executed and sincerely endorsed by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The main motive of this committee is to highlight the importance of introducing bikes/bicycles within a Self-sustainable Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) scheme framework in Bhopal city.

Public bike sharing is an excellent element in a city that is helping many civilians to commute from one place to another that too with no petrol, fuel usage, which is environment-friendly. Currently 42000 users are already registered in our Public Bike Sharing. This strategy is to expand the use of sustainable transport modes that are safe and pollution free, yet very affordable. This system will definitely help in boosting the use of public transport by offering imperative last-mile connectivity to the BRT system. This will also thereby expand the catchment areas for Bhopal region’s transit systems used by the citizens.

The system is integrated with the BRT system in Bhopal via the tapped locations and its stations and that are under the ITS system. We already have 80 drop locations in the entire city which is quite convenient to commute. The best part is that our cycles are fully automatic which a shift towards sustainable modes and safe and clean environment. Public bike sharing will reduce the dependency on automobiles, will help in lessening in traffic congestion, reduce the emission from vehicle emissions, and also help in other vehicle parking. Not just this it will also help in street management and better transportation system within the city.

Under this public bike sharing the importance will be given to the place stations that are close to important cultural, commercial, administrative, educational and residential and tourist attraction points in the catchment area. Last but not the least it decreases overcrowding of the Public Transport which is generally gets elevated in the cities for short-run trips within the vicinity.

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