The purpose of the Smart Cities Mission is to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology, especially technology that leads to Smart outcomes. To generate these Smart Outcomes,  BSDCL has been diligently working towards the instalments of -  SMART POLES.

What is a Smart Pole ?

A Smart Pole by most definitions is a light pole that has intelligent LED Lighting . But what really makes the Pole " SMART" is its ability to  incorporate software controls, electronics and sensors that can receive and transmit data , making it a key infrastructure delivery element ,for building a Smart City.

Usage of Smart Poles -

  • An Integrated Camera surveillance ensuring the safety and security of the citizens . Also assisting in the parking management.
  • Ability to provide high-speed wireless connections (Wi-Fi) to the citizens .Installed in the places with increasing footfalls.
  • Environmental Sensors to monitor Air Quality, Temperature and Humidity.
  • Digital advertising panels across the city through smart bill boards that allows the citizens to be updated with the city-centric information For E.g.:  a local event , also providing them with a platform for promotions.
  • Optical Fiber networks across the city ensures robust connectivity and allows easy addition to a myriad of new and evolving technologies and devices. It also facilitates in establishment of connectivity between Government departments, City infrastructure and Command & Control Centres.
  • By using Lithium Ion battery instead of Diesel as a backup power source , and By providing charging facility for the Electric vehicles . Smart Poles helps create a sustainable environment.
  • Equipped with sensors to track , kill and collect information about mosquitoes breed.


Smart City Bhopal is rigorously working towards making the city SMARTER , Pole by Pole.

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